What is Embroidery....
The embroidery process is one of the oldest fabric decoration methods. It consists of strands of various color threads, sewn into the garment to create an image, text, or design. These threads are applied in various patterns, lengths, and thicknesses by a computer controlled machine to produce an array of different visual effects.
What types of garments are typically embroidered....

Items that are most commonly embroidered include: ball caps, polo shirts, jackets, and non-garment items like backpacks and blankets. An embroidered design is typically fairly small and is placed on the left chest of a garment, or centered on the front crown of a cap. Embroidery tends to withstand repeated washings and compliments a clean, professional look.
Custom Designs

We can do a fully custom embroidered design to fit your needs. From a drawing, a previous logo, or just an idea, our talented artists can create anything! Full custom designs and digitizing start at $25. Minimum of 10 garments on the initial order of any design.

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